Small Business Tips – How To Save On Business Travel

Travel can be a huge expense for any small business that does business in different places. If you are a consultant or if you are a self employed professional then traveling will be a huge part of your business. Although it can be mean a lot more business it can be very bad for your cash flow and making sure that you save wherever you can in really important – especially in this day and age. Another important thing to remember is to charge your clients for your travel expenses as its part of your service.

Finding simple ways to save on business travel expenses can make a huge difference. Saving a little on every trip can add up and if you have several employees then it can quickly add up. Here are 3 basic tips to help you get started.

1. Flights
Air travel, although convenient, can be expensive. With all the checks and regulations its not all that quick either these days as getting to and from the airport, checking in and checking out can be very slow. Its well worth looking into alternative means of transport. Driving or taking a rain can be a faster and more economical way of doing it.

2. Hotels
Accommodation represents a significant part of travel expenses and its probably the one area you want to try and save. There are quite a few alternatives that is well worth looking into. Guest houses are not only cheaper but offer a lot more comfort and value for money and is great for extended travel to prevent yourself from getting the “hotel blues”.

3. Travel Insurance
Taking out individual travel insurance for each trip can quickly add up. If you travel with valuable as part of your business then its an important consideration. Try and put your travel insurance under the same umbrella as your business insurance – it can save you quite a bit.

For small businesses there are some advantage that’s probably not available to bigger businesses. You can certainly look into business grants and government programs. Some programs allow you to write off your travel expenses and some even allow you to conduct business internationally and write off all the travel expenses. The point is that there are a great many options and exploring them all will help you save. As the economy continues to tighten up we all have to spread our wings and look for business opportunities elsewhere. Travel will continue to take a more prominent role in your business, so take advantage of these opportunities.

10 Business Tips You Can Use in 2014

Need to refresh your strategy for 2014? Here are 10 business tips to get you started…

1. If you misstate your point, spell-check won’t correct you or suggest alternative wording. And if you’ve taken too long to get to your point, spell-check won’t suggest how to say more with fewer words. If an error damages your reputation, it costs you business and money. Make sure you have a staff member on hand who is qualified to review any marketing messages. If you don’t have one, hire someone or contract the work. Your reputation is worth more than just ‘good enough.’

2. Update your social media profiles for accuracy. Oftentimes, businesses cater to clients first and take care of themselves last. But it ought to be the other way around. Potential clients need to know that your business changes with the times and doesn’t remain static. When you take care of your business needs first (marketing, advertising, etc.), you put your customer needs first at the same time.

3. Find out what your customers’ pains are and solve them. Then back it up with great customer service. Enough said.

4. Make every communication about your customer: their needs, hopes, wants, and desires. Use ‘You’ and ‘Your’ in your communications, and avoid ‘We’ and ‘Our’ whenever possible. Make it personal, and they will heed your call to action.

5. Get to the point with your brand messaging. Use the fewest words possible and get the most impact. Find out how effective your message is by hiring an editor to review your online and printed content before distribution.

6. Celebrate with food! Who doesn’t love meeting over lunch or a mid-afternoon, company-provided treat? It’s a small investment, and your employees will feel appreciated.

7. A great leader knows how to assemble a great team. Don’t feel intimidated by someone who is smarter than you. Whether it’s sales, marketing or answering the phone, always hire people more talented than yourself. You can rest knowing that a job is being done well, and you can focus your energy on other company matters.

8. Listen to your customers… it goes a long way. People get turned off when they feel they’re not being heard. Listening is the greatest tool in your business tool box. Use it well and you will find clients knocking on your door!

9. When communicating online, be yourself, be honest & be always willing to help. As Ashton (Chris) Kutcher said, nothing is sexier than being smart, thoughtful, and generous. Take the time to show these qualities to your customers and they and their friends will flock to you.

10. Separate yourself from your competitors by ALWAYS putting customer service first. When you can do something for your customer that your competitor(s) is not doing, then that’s exactly the thing you should be doing. Make it happen today. If you don’t, someone else will.

Top Internet Business Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

As simple as it may sound, putting up an internet business is not something you can easily do.
Just like your usual venture, there are many things you need to plan and consider too.
If you have been thinking of setting up your own online business and do not know where or how to start, here are the top tips you shouldn’t dare miss:

Know Your Business
You need to decide on how exactly you are going to earn online. Will you be selling products or offering services? If you are selling physical items, will they be made by you or by someone else? Furthermore, will you be directly selling them or will you just work as an affiliate? These are just some of the things you need to determine when you are about to start an online business.
Know Your Audience

Your audience is your target market. If you don’t know them, whom will you offer your business to? You certainly can’t just offer everything to everyone. The cyberspace is a huge place and if you fail to narrow down your concentration on a certain market, you will likely get lost in no time.

Purchase a Domain and Hosting

Although it may be true that you can start an internet business without having to buy your own domain name and hosting, it is more advisable to do so. This gives you total freedom as to how you want your site to be.

Some of the things you need to remember when thinking of a domain name are these:

  • It should be short, catchy, and easy to remember
  • It should be easy to spell
  • It should reflect what your site is about
  • As much as possible, it should have a dot com (.com) extension because this is what most people initially think of when remembering domain names

Learn and Apply Copywriting Techniques

You can not take copywriting lightly when you are running an internet business. You need to constantly be reminded that since you do not have the ability to see clients physically, you need to come up with ways on how you would still sound personal with them. Learn the basics of copywriting and determine how they can help you market your business. Make the words on the screen sound as if you were really there, talking with the readers personally.

Generate Traffic

A good traffic means you have a good number of viewers or visitors. This is crucial if you wish to succeed on your online business because the very same viewers are your potential customers. Generating traffic is also important because it allows you to be more visible not only to internet users but to search engines too. If search engines see you and (by your efforts) put you on top of the list, then you can surely enjoy a steadier flow of income. These are the top internet business tips that can help you succeed in your pursuit.

Put them into practice and witness great results unfolding.