Home Business Tips – 3 Things to Avoid Like the Plague

Everybody has their home business tips. I’ve read more of them than Carter has liver pills. And yet, very few people warn you about the things you shouldn’t do. Sadly, I discovered that you can do 100 things right but if you do just one thing wrong, you can undo all the good that you did. Well, in this article, I’m going to share with your three things that you need to avoid like the plague when it comes to running your home business. If you simply avoid these three things, you’ll give yourself a pretty good chance at success with your business.

At the top of my “not to do” list is getting involved in programs and opportunities that promise you the moon. You know what I’m talking about. You see these sales pages everyday. “Make $30,000 In 30 Days With Our Proven System.” Let me tell you something. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can promise you any kind of income on the Internet. I don’t care how great their system is. Making money online is hard work. You can go weeks or even months without making a dime. My first five months of this earned me all of $28, so I know what I’m talking about. I tried every get rich quick scheme in the book. They don’t work. So avoid them.

Next on the list is spam. I know you read about all these people who make millions of dollars a year spamming. Let me tell you something. It’s not worth it. You can go to jail for spamming. As a matter of fact, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve already seen this happen and what it can do to people’s lives. The so called Spam King just took his life and the lives of his wife and kid because he didn’t want to go to jail for his crimes. Yes, spamming is a crime and if you’re caught, you’ll go to jail. It’s that simple. So as tempted as you might be, don’t do it.

Finally, you’ll be tempted to try to get your family into your “business”. Let me tell you something. This tactic has destroyed more families than I can shake a stick at. The reason is simple. Your family member trusts you and they expect you to make them a lot of money. When this doesn’t happen, and in most cases it doesn’t, the resentment is enough to literally tear families apart. So as tempted as you might be to try to bring your family into your business, don’t do it.

If you avoid these three things, you’ll give yourself a much better chance of starting and running a successful home based business.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Small Business Tips – The #1 Key to Small Business Success

Without a doubt, for small business owners to enjoy small business success, they must overcome multiple challenges. Interestingly, many owners feel that challenges from the competition, or increased overhead are their primary obstacles. However, to realize maximum success, they must learn one invaluable skill.

Typically, in the beginning stages of a small business, the owner will need relatively few employees. In fact, in the case of an online business, the owner may be a solo entrepreneur.

Quite frequently, the business will have a core group of employees that understand the business and the components of their jobs. A family owned business is a classic example of a core group of employees.

If the business is successful, it will have more customers, or more business from existing customers. This increase puts a strain on the effectiveness of the core group of employees. At that point, some owners make the mistake of allowing this inefficiency to continue. They are reluctant to make any changes to the status quo of the business out of fear of the unknown.

At the precise point in the evolution of a business when it is picking up momentum, the owner MUST train an employee to duplicate the skill sets required to run the business. In a very real sense, owners must duplicate themselves. If the individual they choose for this role is within the company, the position they occupied must be filled.

So, in effect, two individuals must be trained. Although training these individual(s) is time consuming, it is the #1 key to small business success.

Having a highly trained assistant, the owner dramatically increases the efficiency of the business, and allows for additional growth.